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As their only product team, we partnered with Enfineo to build the first mobile app to connect cryptocurrencies and fiat and provide a simple way to accept payments, thus making financial services accessible to everybody.
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Fresha was undoubtedly already incredibly successful when we started working together. Our primary focus was creating an email marketing solution that would provide a viable alternative to services like MailChimp.
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Just one of the products my team helped Jellysmack build, Kamua is a web-based video editor that aims to be the swiss knife for content creators everywhere.
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What's it like working with me?

Find out straight from people I collaborated with in various environments, from start-ups to corporate, private consulting or mentorship.

"As a manager, Radu leads by example, tackling the hardest problems around. He also knows how to keep the team motivated and focused, both at the group and individual levels. Radu has a great communication style and creative problem solving skills. Best of all, he has a great sense of humour that makes him a pleasure to work with."

Raluca Pantiru 🇬🇧

Product Manager, Google

"Radu is one of those individuals who are thoughtful and genuinely interested in the people they work with. Not because it’s his job but because that’s who he is as a person: empathetic, supportive and always open to take feedback and improve. It’s these traits and the fact that, when it comes to design, he's experienced and capable of focusing on high-level problems that make him a very good designer and easy to work with."

David Teodorescu 🇬🇧

Senior Product Designer, Meta

"Radu was one of the first product designers and also one of the first design managers in the Romania office at Fitbit. He since then has built a team of very talented designers, created an inclusive and fun working environment that is focused on collaboration, continuous learning, and team building. I'm impressed at his constant curiosity about global design strategy and culture and his passion to share that knowledge."

Evelyn Yonaki 🇺🇸

Design Producer, Apple

"I had the pleasure of working with Radu at Actio in my role as a Senior Product Manager. I really appreciated Radu's experience, communication and good humour during my time working with him. Radu is fiercely customer centric and has a minimal approach to product that serves users, engineers and the wider business. He also has great "dad jokes". Would recommend and gladly work with again :)"

Edward Jones 🇩🇪

Co-Founder, Outbound

"From the first day at Actio, Radu was consistently driving design and product to the next level."

Timur Amirov 🇩🇪

Chief Technology Officer, Actio

"Radu was key to the growth of our UX team in Romania as the first UX manager on our Bucharest team. He has a passion for building community, within and across teams, as well taking a leadership role in expanding the design industry in Romania. He is a champion of his designers, with a never-ending commitment to their growth and success."

Jonah Becker 🇺🇸

Design Director, Google