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About me

I'm a self taught Visual Designer with over 11 years of experience in real life projects, large and small.

From full stack web designer to animator, illustrator and finally UX/UI designer, I've had many hats during my career.

I've worked in small and large teams, from a boutique agency to a full fledged corporation like Adobe, and now I'm working in the startup world. This educated me in communicating efficiently with different types of people, end customers, product managers, developers, CEOs, etc.

While my strongest skill is Visual Design, from pencil & paper to digital medium, my biggest advantage over my peers is my strong background in front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) as well as a good understanding of back-end technologies. I can communicate efficiently with development teams, I speak their language.

I am a very detail oriented person, in work or personal life, and I value good design principles above all. I strive to deliver high quality work in any project I take part and I'm thrilled and motivated by challenging tasks.

When working on complex projects I like to look at the big picture as often as I can so I or the team don't lose sight of what needs to be accomplished.